Friday, April 21, 2006

Professional Menu or Content Box

Learn how to make a professional content or menu box using adobe Photoshop.

Let's start.

>>open new document or press "Ctrl+n", we'll use 300x300x.

1) Choose white color and pick the Rectangle Tool(B). Click on your document and
draw a rectangle.

Click on "Rasterize Layer" shown on blow picture.

2)Making menu box style

We're going to give it some drop shodow,inner shodow and stroke.

Go to Layer >> Layer style >> Blending options and choose the following


3)Make inset orb

Make a new layer (CTRL +SHIFT+ N) and pick the Elliptical Marquee tool (M).

Create a circle selection like picture:

Pick Gradient tool(G) and follow this steps:

Now press Ctrl+I in order to Invert the gradient color. Your result should be
like this.

Press Ctrl+l to open "Level window" and set these settings.

Add inset effect,
we used a black to white gradient for inset effect.

Right-click on selection and make a new layer and drag it's layer under orb

Pick Gradient tool(G) and follow this steps.

less opacity of new layer, your result should be like this picture.

4)Choose white color and pick the Rectangle Tool (B). Click on your document and
draw a rectangle.

Now we are going to make it's style, follow these steps.

okay, the result

You can add text and some details!we used "Julius" font.

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xcubic said...

very nice. did it urself? cool, keep up d good work.

Ekke said...

Nice tut mate :P
I think I'm going to need that... so thanks :)

Psb inc. said...

Nice tutorial PhotoshopX.

FroZen said...

You're Great .. Thanks for this nice lesson, and I didn't know how to make the orb :S

Anonymous said...

Wow this is totaly amazing!?!?!? i will have to use it for my ePortfolio @ school